Delivery Man ~ Episode 2 (2023)

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Delivery Man ~ Episode 2 (2023)

Plot Synopsis

Seo Young-Min (Yoon Chan-Young) works as a taxi driver to support himself. Somehow, Seo Young-Min begins to take only ghosts as his passengers and he grants their wishes. He gets help from a ghost and a ER doctor. Kang Ji-Hyun (Bang Min-Ah) happens to get in Seo Young-Min’s taxi. She has no memory of who she was when she was alive. She doesn't know hy, but she isn't able to leave his taxi. She titles herself as the sales manager of Seo Young-Min's taxi. Seo Young-Min and Kang Ji-Hyun together grant wishes of ghosts, including chasing after a serial killer. They have a helper in Do Kyu-Jin (Kim Min-Suk). Do Kyu-Jin is a workaholic ER doctor with a handsome appearance. He senses signs of sinister events in the ER, where people are in life or death situations.

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