Red Balloon ~ Episode 18 (2023)

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Red Balloon ~ Episode 18 (2023)

Plot Synopsis

Seo Ji Hye Makes A Shocking Style Transformation In “Red Balloon” Seo Ji Hye will make a surprising transformation on the next episode of JTBC’s “Red Balloon”! On the previous episode of “Red Balloon,” Jo Eun Kang (Seo Ji Hye) seemed to be turning to the dark side after facing crushing blows to her pride and self-esteem. When Go Mul Sang (Yoon Joo Sang) harshly told her she wasn’t good enough for his son, Jo Eun Kang’s chilling change in facial expression suggested that his brutal words may not have affected her the way he’d hoped. Instead of staying away from Go Cha Won (Lee Sang Woo), Jo Eun Kang sought him out and seduced him by saying, “Even though I’m frightened and afraid, I want to take this all the way to the end to find out where that end lies.”

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