Beauty-FULL - Episode 7 (2022)


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Beauty-FULL - Episode 7 (2022)

Plot Synopsis

As the period of wearing masks has become prolonged, the golden age of beauty and fashion has become a thing of the past. But now, it's time to re-awaken our desire for beauty that we had to hide behind our masks. By integrating beauty with life, we go over beauty, fashion, food, health and trends to design a new lifestyle. We bring you the full package of what all women want such as the must-visit hot places and hidden secrets of the lives of hot celebrities like Lee Da Hey, Jang Do Yeon, Seo Ha Yan, and Park Jin Yi. Stylist Jung Yoon Ki, a star in the fashion industry, is the icing on the cake as he joins this show. We invite you to experience the most perfect beauty package deal of all time!

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